Artist: Nick Grimshaw & Gemma Cairney
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Grimmy and Gemma discussing cooking…includes Nick discussing the spinach & feta pie he made to woo someone.

Title: Grimmy's One Direction Obsession 23 September 2011
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Nick Grimshaw counting the number of times he mentioned One Direction while filling in for Scott Mills, 23 September 2011

  • Nick: I hate when a video ruins a song, like when i saw Live While Your Young i was like-
  • Harry: It's Live While We're Young
  • Nick: I don't care


When asked if the 19-year-old was the “sort of person” he could have a relationship with, Grimshaw replied: “I don’t know. I don’t know.”

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Grimmy about how he cooked dinner for his “friend” Harry Styles



gryles is ACTUALLY REAL like a lot of the time i’m like “ok lets be realistic…. they friends” BUT NO THEY ARE THE REALEST THING THAT EVER WAS AND EVER WILL BE GRYLES IS LITERALLY REAL